Friday, September 01, 2006

Get Out The Vote

Dear friends,

My name is Ben Hubby; I'm a family practitioner in Savannah.
A group of us have formed to Get Out the Vote and elect Jim Nelson to
Congress. We're looking for folks on the coast, in Brunswick and inland who
will work along side their neighbors to bring forth a large turn-out for Jim
in November. Contact me if you'd like to be a volunteer in the area where
you live or whether you'd like to join us in seeking others to expand our

We applaud what you're doing on the coast to end the nightmare of the Bush
years and to get America back on track!

Ben Hubby

(copied from Nelson For Congress Blogosphere)

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jpatswanson said...

I spent this afternoon with Ben Hubby, doing good old grassroots politicing in the Publix parking lot and in a Brunswick neighborhood before the rain drove us undercover.

Dr. Hubby is a man of enormous energy and enthusiasm who has taken on this organizing job single handed. I encourage anyone who would like to send Jack Kingston home to Georgia to contact him and volunteer. I am very non-confrontational but actually had a good time approaching people in the lot, explaining that we were trying to elect someone with their interest at heart rather than Exxon's or Halliburton's. Not one person was rude, we gave out quite a few bumper stickers, and even got some people who said they might organize in their neighborhoods. This is the way elections are won so if you don't stand up you will have no reason to b**** and moan come November 8.