Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jim Nelson ad

Jim's latest campaign ad. I would personally prefer footage of Jim speaking instead of this negative ad about Kingston, but what else are you going to do when you're running against an incumbent? You've got to run against his record.


Georgia Veteran said...

Do these ads actually run anywhere on TV? I haven't seen any.

liberalandproud said...

I'm not sure if they've run. It's possible that the guy who put them together just posted them directly to youtube, counting on folks like me to get them out there. As you have so often reminded us, it's not like Jim's bank account is just overflowing. This has been a grassroots campaign from the beginning, so I wouldn't be surpirsed if this ad was designed specifically for the netroots. Thing is, the length makes me think they've gotten it on the air somewhere, since 30 seconds is typical. I usually end up watching Jacksonville stations, so I've been seeing a lot of Charlie Crist/Jim Davis/Alex Sink ads.

Georgia Veteran said...

Tune in to Savannah stations... then all you see is Max Burns/John Barrow ads!

Patrick Armstrong said...

You can't listen to three songs on the radio down here in New Orleans without hearing seven political ads.

And I ain't never heard negative campaigning in Georgia like I've heard down here. Or campaigning that is as complicated.

"Candidate X helped flood victims"

"Candidate J took bribes, & gave that money to Candidate X, who may have said once he ain't giving the money back. Vote for candidate Y."

"Candidate Y is talking about the ethics of Candidate X? Candidate Y was written up by the Louisiana state ethics board 6 times, and took a no-bid hurricane contract for one million dollars! Vote for candidate X!"

"Candidate J put money in the freezer. Vote for candidate Z."

"Candidate Z works for candidate J, whose freezer money is being used to pay Z to run, vote for candidate A."

"Candidate A and Z used to work for the civic organizations that took money from other civic organizations that had something to do with levees. Vote for candidate J."

"I mighta took the money, but I didn't run! Is that the behavior of a crook? I have lawyers and I'll gett off scott free, so vote for me!"

"Now, back to the Oldies on New Orleans own W..."

(Wash, rinse & repeat this cycle every twenty minutes.)

Makes you wish every race was like GA-1.

liberalandproud said...

At least you hear about the campaigns in LA! Kingston is so confident that he's buying ads for Burns. Meanwhile, Jim is doing his best with a grass roots effort against the million dollar war chest. Not to mention the unbalanced coverage by the Brunswick News. I know one voter who voted a straight democratic ticket except the US congressional race. She voted for Kingston because of things she read in B News. Wish I'd had a chance to talk to her before she voted.