Monday, June 18, 2007

Hyundai ad contains subliminal political advertising?

Check out this Hyundai ad:

I keep seeing it before movies, and I suddenly realized that there's some wonderful subliminal advertising for the Democratic Party in there! About 18 seconds in, notice the two historical figures who appear in the montage when Kelsy Grammer says, "Smart people are whom we've always counted on and admired the most." That's right, they were democrats: JFK and FDR. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks, Hyundai, for the extra boost. Unfortunately, my current favorite in the 2008 race does not have a name that lends itself to initialization. Can you imagine folks reminiscing 40 years from now about BO's administration? No, best to just call him Obama. Or Barack. I'll just be glad when we can call him Mr. President!


Nobama08 said...

A vote for Obama=

*Higher taxes
*More government spending
*Universal, but lower-quality healthcare (Just ask Canada)
*Higher energy costs

What is smart about any of these?

liberalandproud said...

Ok, before I tackle your points, let me ask you: Why would you post this comment to a post that is over a year old? I mean, I've certainly posted about Obama since then.
Higher taxes? For some, sure. I'm not in that tax bracket, though.
I disagree with more government spending. Once he pulls our troops out of Iraq, we'll have plenty of money to spend on his domestic programs without increasing the overall budget.
Since I have been unable to get individual health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, any coverage would be welcome, but I also know several Canucks who would argue with you about quality.
Hate to break it to you, but energy costs are probably going to rise no matter who's president. I happen to put more faith in Obama's judgment, as far as making decisions on energy policy, than I do McCain's. Who can keep up with his stand on the issues? Talk about a flip-flop!