Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog for Choice Day 2009

The topic is: What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?
And the President just took a terrific first step toward my hope by affirming his commitment to defending Roe v. Wade.
There is more to be done, but if he stands by the statement he made today, we are well on our way. I want the global gag rule gone, a process that seems to have been started. I want a woman in South Dakota to have the same rights and bodily autonomy as a woman in Chicago. And I want both of those women to have the same rights and bodily autonomy as any man.
I hope to return to this post later. This is all I have time for now.


Anonymous said...

thats the liberal legacy.

50 million dead babies.

something to be proud of.

liberalandproud said...

Every child a wanted child. That is my fervent hope. I would be very proud for that legacy to be the liberal legacy. I do not believe in forced birth. I do not believe a tiny mass of cells should be granted more rights than a human being. I believe that women's rights are human rights. I also believe in taking responsibility for opinions I state in public, which is why I rarely post anonymously. How about you, "Anonymous." Obviously, you're very proud of your beliefs, since you choose to claim them so forthrightly. Stay classy.

Anonymous said...

"I do not believe a tiny mass of cells should be granted more rights than a human being."

tiny mass of cells? wow, you must be truly ignorant. have you see the latest 4d ultrasounds of unborn babies?

"Every child a wanted child."

I see, a unborn human child only gets rights if he is wanted. sick.


liberalandproud said...

Well, Bob, how interesting that you should choose a male pronoun when referring to an "unborn child." It is obvious that even the possibility of a man is more important to you than an actual, living woman. I happen to love babies and children. I think they are precious, wonderful little people who deserve love and care. I believe life is a sacred and wonderful gift. Where we seem to differ most is that I hold that life begins at birth, where you obviously believe that life begins at conception. Interesting, since conception is the point where the man's work in the equation of creating life ends. Whereas the gestation process requires nine months of a woman's life. Pregnancy is a difficult process. Many women risk serious injury or death simply by carrying a fetus to term. I happen to value the health and lives of women who are already alive over the potential for life present in a fetus. I have offered reasoned arguments, while you have resorted to calling me "sick." If you can offer no more than that, I will consider the matter closed. As I am a woman whose rights are infringed upon by legislation like that recently passed in North Dakota, and you are apparently a man who is unlikely to ever find himself in a position to consider a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy in his own body, I do not intend to grant you any more of my time.

Andrea said...

I completely agree with you liberal.