Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, the event last night went very well! Rev. Nelson is a terrific speaker, and everyone was impressed. He's smart, funny, a pastor, and a veteran. He even got his undergraduate degree in Speech and Theatre, so I know he's got to be alright. I now have a Nelson for Congress sticker on my car and a sign in my yard. The best news of the night came from campaign manager Jason Harvey. I cornered him toward the end of the festivities and asked him when the Reverend was going to get a blog already?! He told me that it had gone up that day and should be fully functioning by today. I checked it out. It's still very sketchy, but I left the first comment and felt very proud. He's got a long way to go until he's taking advantage of the blogosphere like Kingston, but it's a start. I have a link to Nelson's website on the right, and you can access the blog from there. Rev. Jim put forth a terrific idea last night. He wants to win the primary. Granted, he's running unopposed, but he means that he wants to get more votes in our primary than Kingston gets in his. I think we can do it if we start campaiging hard and campaigning smart.


patsbrother said...

For lack of knowing how to contact you through e-mail, I shall do so here.

Hi, Kelly. It's Kevin Armstrong. Producer/castmate from the 1997 Island Player's production of The Good Doctor. I vaguely remember working on some other show with you, but as it's been a decade, the mind grows fuzzy. I did, however, know your mother pretty well back in the day through a series of productions. I'm kind of amazed that I recognized you from the small thumbnail picture next to your comment on hurricaneradio. I'll chalk this up as an unexpected episode of "Where Are They Now?"

Good luck on the blog and theatrical employment!

liberalandproud said...

This picture is from an Island Player's production. I was in The Spitfire Grill last fall. It is the only show I've done with IP since The Good Doctor. Please help refresh my memory: What role did you play in The Good Doctor (other than producer)?

patsbrother said...

I played the kid who gets a prostitute for his eighteenth birthday ("When I come back I'll by Anton the Man"). I was seventeen (the youngest Island Players producer ever) and, unfortunately, also the chief set artist. (That's right: you can blame me for that horrible drop.) If you're friends with Dara on myspace, there is a picture of me in her top eight: under 'Kevin', I am the one with the mohawk. (Though there is certainly some question whether a picture of a then-24-year-old with a mohawk will jog your memory.) Or, ask around Island Players people: I know many of them far too well.