Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bill Shipp on the threat to Jekyll Island

In yesterday's column in the Gwinnett Daily Post, Bill Shipp lists some of the ways the Jekyll Island Authority has failed in its stewardship over the years. He also had this to say about Senator Chapman's bill:
"Sen. Jeff Chapman, R-Brunswick, had tried vainly to gain committee support for a bill that would rescue Jekyll from being turned over to a new generation of robber barons, like the multimillionaires who owned and developed Jekyll until the middle of World War II."

How true. Jekyll was once an exclusive playground for the ultra-rich. It seems our state government is determined for history to repeat itself. It's not too late. Call as many senators as you can and urge them to either vote no on the bill or vote yes for Chapman's amendments, whichever their conscience and sense of the chamber dictates.

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