Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Save Jekyll Island!


Your call to Senators' offices or Senate Information Line needed Monday and Tuesday.

Protecting our coastal treasures, Senator Jeff Chapman will introduce 3 amendments that are vital to making sure Senate Bill 214 protects Jekyll Island. Without these amendments it will be a field day for development on your State Park !

25-1020 acts to specifically protect the naturally sensitive south end including the 4-H complex and renown soccer fields from proposed high end residential development

25-1021 bars any increase in private residential units anywhere on Jekyll

25-1022 bars the selling of Jekyll land to private interests currently under discussion. It's a PARK

Chapman's substitute bill lost by only one vote in committee but if his amendments above are approved on the Senate floor Monday or Tuesday, the hopefully amended bill will still face being sent back to the House and probably a Conference Committee/.

Friday is the last day of the session. PROTECT JEKYLL FOR THE NEXT GENERATION

** Emails are not being read as the boxes are too full

Contact Georgia State Senators by calling one Senator's office, leave your message to SUPPORT CHAPMAN AMENDMENTS TO Senate Bill 214 and ask to be transferred to Senator ________'s office and so on.

OR... For the list of names/districts and links to each click on this website..... www.legis.state.ga.us/ Then click on the right side on SENATORS BY NAME... for a complete listing.

CALL ANYONE YOU CHOSE..they all need persuading.

You might start with calling the five who voted against Chapman's version in committee were:

Sen John Bulloch (404-656-0040)
Sen.Jack Hill (404-656-5038),
Sen.Lee Hawkins (404-656-6578)
Sen.Jim Whitehead (404-656-5114)
Sen.Eric Johnson (404-656-5109)

it's the other Senators who need a call for support.

After the Senate vote your help will be needed in contacting House Members

Why are these legislators so anxious to give Jekyll away?
Senate President, Eric Johnson from Savannah used to represent this district and HE VOTED WITH THE GOVERNOR'S GROUP against Chapman's bill in committee.
House Majority Leader from St. Simons, Jerry Keen ,supports the proposed development options for Jekyll and
Senator Tommie Williams from Lyons used to represent us and owns property here too. Why isn't he standing up to protect Jekyll.


Eric Garvey said...

You are very much overstating the consequences of the passing the bill as it is, the island is protected not less than four ways - coastline protection, marshland protection, statue defining requirments to change Master Plan, 65%/35% law, height restrictions, density restrictions, the south end is not covered by federal flood insurance, etc.

Consider this, the amendments may have unintended consequences because the ramifications have not been studied. The Master Plan process will be open to the public, study the issues in a comprehensive way, then present back to the public at large.

These restrictions placed into law are not necessary.

liberalandproud said...

I hope you'll excuse me for questioning the assertions of the Jekyll Island Authority's Senior Director of Marketing. I also hope you can understand why the words "Master Plan" make folks around here nervous. Nonetheless, I'm glad I got your attention.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Since I've spent a considerable time in South Georgia and now almost a year in South Louisiana, I can say that there is no overstating the consequences of passing this bill as it is.

I can only think of how different recent American history would read if someone had 'overstated the consequences' of the construction of the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet...

We've had a few too many 'I told you so' moments in the past decade to just give out free passes, no matter how many catch phrases are used. If a million ideas hadn't already come through the pipeline where the term 'coastline protection' wasn't synonymous with 'whistling Dixie,' we might be willing to give a little benefit of the doubt.

But here you are accusing us of crying wolf, while we're holding the animal by his own ears.