Monday, October 23, 2006

Glynn Dems fundraisers Huge Success!

Both the Friday Night Fish Fry and the Saturday Morning Political Breakfasts were rousing successes by all accounts. I attended the Fish Fry, but was not able to drag myself out of bed in time to get to the breakfast at 8 AM Saturday. You're all shocked, I know. I can report that Jim Nelson gave a great speech, as usual at the Fish Fry. We also got the expected jolt from Rev. Williams speech, just a little later than expected. Between admissions and the 50/50 drawing, The Glynn County Democratic Party raised hundreds of dollars (I'll have an exact figure after the next meeting). More importantly, these events helped create a real sense of community. We are not alone! We know we have a tough fight ahead of us, but we also know that we can do our part to change the political landscape. America has had enough of the status quo. Tell your friends to vote on November 7th (especially if they're democrats)!

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