Friday, October 06, 2006

Nelson/Kingston debate

Here is a comment I posted over on the Veterans for Kingston blog. No surprise, they felt that Jack won just about every point and anyone who supports Nelson or questions the war must hate our troops. Luckily, it was pretty evident that we outnumbered them Monday night. Smiling ear to ear about that one.
Haven't had time to put together my own post about the debate yet. Wish I'd felt more fired up about it.

About English becoming the official language: Would that mean that our public officials would need to learn to speak it properly? First thing that popped into my head when Kingston mentioned it.

I was at the debate, too. Didn't quite see it the same way (shocker, I know). I actually thought the whole thing was pretty boring. I didn't feel that the questions posed were particularly insightful or helpful to either candidate. I've definitely seen Jim perform better. He missed a few opportunities to call Jack on some points. For instance, Jack kept talking about teaching the Iraqis about the "rule of law." I happen to think we should lead by example when it comes to the rule of law. I don't believe that the recent legislation further expanding presidential powers and overriding habeas corpus is very respectful of the rule of law.
Overall, I felt that Jim narrowly won the debate. He backed up his assertions with plenty of facts. He even countered some of Jack's facts with more detailed empirical evidence (shortfalls in spending on veteran's benefits). I did think they were both respectful. I would like to apologize for the "enthusiasm" (CGCC's words, not mine) of other Nelson supporters. However, noone from the Nelson camp was standing outside the auditorium trying to hand out campaign materials. Can't say the same for Kingston.
One more thing: Jim's reference to Jesus being in favor of universal health care. He explained that he was referring to the fact that Jesus healed those who came to him, without asking for credentials, payment, or anything else. That is the bible Jim Nelson's been reading.

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