Friday, June 27, 2008

Georgians KIA in Iraq Part Five: Sgt. Wilbert Davis

Wilbert Davis, Sergeant First Class United States Army:
To hear friends and family tell it, Davis was anything but common. Davis, 40, grew up in the East Tampa neighborhood of College Hill. In 1975, at age 12, Davis pitched for the Belmont Heights Little League and led the team to the World Series. Even his teammates came for Wednesday's service. He graduated from Tampa Bay Tech, then worked at a Tampa Electric Co. plant. While a young man, he fathered two daughters before moving to Anchorage to live with his older sister. Cynthia Davis, an Army wife, persuaded her brother to enlist. He served in the 3rd Infantry Division. Before leaving for the Middle East, he lived outside Savannah, Ga., with his wife, Huiok, and their two young boys. March 31 was the last time Huiok heard from him. He died April 3 while en route to Baghdad with journalist Michael Kelly. Davis lost control of the Humvee he was driving when his convoy came under fire. The Humvee overturned into a canal. Both Davis and Kelly died in the crash.

The above quote and link are from the Arlington website, dated August 24, 2003. Sgt. Davis had only moved to Hinesville 15 months before his death, but I decided to include his profile, since some sites list him as being from Georgia. I don't know if his wife and sons stayed in Georgia, but the boys would both be teenagers now. Honestly, I hope for Mrs. Davis' sake that her sons don't sign up. I also hope that we get the kind of leadership in this country that will stop this cycle of endless war we've gotten into, so that the possibility of a draft can be avoided.
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