Sunday, June 15, 2008

liveblogging the Tonys (from Mom's house)

Ok, so it's not exactly live, but I will continue to update this post as I watch the Tonys on CBS, starting at 8 PM eastern. Mom and I got ready by watching Legally Blonde: The Musical, as shown on MTV last year. Sure, it's not up for anything this year, but there was nothing on TV, and it was just sitting there on the DVR, staring at us. Mom and I did see a nominated show, but Cyrano is only nominated in 1 category: Best Costume Design of a Play (they were fabulous!). We were only able to see 3 shows when we were in NYC in December. Just going on instinct for the rest of the nominees. Honestly, South Pacific gets major nostalgia points, but how can you not root for In the Heights? You can check out all the nominated shows here.

7:55 PM: Just biding our time, watching Andy Rooney talk about how he's not really rich. Oh, for heaven's sake, he's finally done. Tony time!

Why are they opening with Lion King? Guess Whoopi's decided she's gotta do some Swahili singing?!?

Nope. She didn't get the memo, and came out doing her best Sebastian.

Original company of Rent! Woohoo! And ten years of Lion King, which explains it.

Featured Actress in a Play

Mom's & My pick: Martha Plimpton (because I played Angie back in the day)
Winner: Rondi Reed (not surprised, really)Plimpton can't be pissed, since she's a Steppenwolf member, too!

John Waters, Yeah!

Cry Baby Performance

Best use of license plates: Cry Baby!

Featured Actor in a Play

Mom's pick: Conleth Hill
My pick: Jim Norton
Winner: Jim Norton (Woohoo!)

Passing Strange Performance

Best use of call and response (also props to the tech who finally put Stew's mic back on the stand)

And the count at the commercial break is . . . Kelly: 1, Mom: 0

Best Direction of a Musical

Mom's pick: Sam Buntrock
My Pick: Thomas Kail
Winner: Bartlett Sherr (there's that nostalgia!)
Speech: Way to sneak the politics in there, Mr. Sherr!

Gypsy Performance

Best use of consonants: Patti LuPone! (and her vowels ain't bad either)

Phantom bit

Not bad singin' Whoopi! Much better than that Brightman hack!

Regional Theatre

Chicago Shakes (woohoo!)


Mom's pick: Jason Carr
My pick (& the winners!): Alex Lacamore & Bill Sherman, In the Heights


Mom's pick: Christopher Gatelli
My pick: Rob Ashford
Winner: Andy Blankenbuehler, In the Heights

Book of a Musical

Mom's & My pick: In the Heights
Winner: Passing Strange

Revival of a Play

Mom's & my pick (& the winner!): Boeing-Boeing

Original Score

Mom's pick:Cry Baby
My pick (& the winner!): In the Heights
Speech: Best Evah!

South Pacific Performance

Thought fer sure she was gonna wash that man right outta her hair!

And the count at the break is . . . Kelly: 4, Mom: 1 (Guess it pays to read the New York Times online)

Featured Actress in a Musical

Mom's pick: Loreta Ables Sayre
My pick: Olga Merediz
Winner: Laura Benanti, Gypsy
Speech: Awwww! Tall brunette gets a Tony!

Grease Performance

This should be familiar, since we watched the reality show religiously.
Yeah, they really haven't grown since the reality show. I can see why the reviews were so bad. Bor-ing!

Well, they only gave away one between breaks, and neither Mom nor I got it right, so the score's the same.

Featured Actor in a Musical

Mom's pick: Danny Burstein
My pick: Robin de Jesus
Winner: Boyd Gaines, Gypsy (4th Tony!)
Speech: Way to thank the stage managers!

Little Mermaid Performance


A Catered Affair Performance

Faith Prince is a delight, as usual.

Young Frankenstein Performance

Megan Mullally takes up the mantle with moxie. Although she reminds me a bit of Molly Shannon (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

So, again, only one award given, and we both missed it. We have obviously underestimated the appeal of Gypsy. We should have known better.

Best New Play Highlights

I love Rufus Sewell! Wish I'd talked Mom into The Seafarer when we were in the city, but Curtains was good.

Best Direction of a Play

Mom's & my pick & the winner!!!: Anna D. Shapiro, August: Osage County (not bad for a Broadway debut!
Speech: She's so young! Great speech!

Well, Mom and I each got that right, so . . . Kelly: 5, Mom: 2

Leading Actor in a Play

Mom's & My pick: Patrick Stewart
Winner: Mark Rylance (I almost picked him!)
Speech: WTF?!?

Leading Actress in a Play

Mom's & my pick: S. Epatha Merkerson
Winner: Deanna Dunagan (Broadway debut!)
So many good roles for women this season!
Speech: They shoulda let her go on a little longer!

In The Heights Performance

Best use of a Cole Porter reference! How would they ever take it on tour? Lin-Manuel Miranda's shoes would be very hard to fill! That shit was off the hook!

So, Mom and I were both 0 for 2 on those.


Mom's pick: The Seafarer
My pick & the winner!!!: August: Osage County
Speech:The entire Steppenwolf Theatre Company is on stage

Scenic Design of a Play

Mom's pick & winner!!: Todd Rosenthal
My pick: Peter McKintosh

Scenic Design of a Musical

Mom's pick: Sunday in the Park with George
My pick: Robin Wagner, Young Frankenstein
Winner: Michael Yeargan, South Pacific

Costume Design of a Play

Mom's & my pick: Gregory Gale, Cyrano (only one we saw!)
Winner: Katrina Lindsay, Les Liasons Dangereuses

Costume Design of a Musical

Mom's & my pick & winner!!!: Catherine Zuber, South Pacific

Lighting Design of a Play

Mom's pick: Ann G. Wrightson
My pick: Howard Harrison
Winner: Kevin Adams, The 39 Steps

Lighting Design of a Musical

Mom's & my pick: Natasha Katz
Winner: Donald Holder, South Pacific

Sound Design of a Play

Mom's pick: Simon Baker
My pick: Adam Cork
Winner: Mic Pool, The 39 Steps

Sound Design of a Musical

Mom's pick: Sebastian Frost
My pick & the winner!!: Scott Lehrer, South Pacific

Ok, time to catch up on the count . . . Kelly: 8, Mom: 4

Sunday in the Park with George Performance

Nice speech from Sondheim, via Mandy Patinkin. It's hard not to compare them to Peters and Patinkin (and find them lacking).

Revival of a Musical

Mom's & my pick & the winner!!!!: South Pacific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Speech: Way to thank the House Managers and the Staff!

Xanadu Performance

Have to say, I loved that movie back in the day. After all, it had Gene Kelly!
Best musical on roller skates since Starlight Express! As Mom said, "He's got an awesome voice." To which I replied, "Not a bad body either!" Call me Cheyenne!

Count stands at Kelly: 9, Mom: 5
And we are so sick of the pharma ads!

Rent Performance!!!!!

I love that the audience of stars seems as psyched as I am! Singing along. Beautiful tribute.

Leading Actor in a Musical

Mom's pick & the winner!!!!: Paulo Szot ( Mom is so excited!)
My pick: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Speech: yeah, Liza's unbelievable, alright! Happy Birthday Mom, indeed! Nice sneak of politics in there.

Leading Actress in a Musical

Mom's pick: Kelli O'Hara
My pick & winner!!: Patti LuPone (only her 2nd Tony?!?)
Speech: She's not bitter . . . much! She thanked her Thelma Ritter. Love any All About Eve reference. How dare they try to drown out Patti LuPone. Never!

Count stands at Kelly: 10, Mom: 6


Mom's & my pick & the winner!!!!!: In The Heights
I still think Miranda should have won the Actor Tony, too.
Speech: Shortest speech of the night?!?
Oh well.

Love the Theatre indeed. Good night. I'll try to clean this up at some point.
Oh, and the final score . . . Kelly: 11, Mom: 7

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