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Georgians KIA in Iraq Part Six: Spc. David T. Nutt

Profiles of Americans killed in Iraq | Army Spec. David T. Nutt

For Heidi Nutt, there was no doubt about David Nutt. "I knew it from the moment I met him," she said. The two were married seven months after meeting at Fort Campbell, where he was in the Army and she worked in child services.
"He was just a proud, wonderful man," she said. "A strong soldier who never complained." Nutt, 32, of Blackshear, Ga., was driving a truck in Iraq May 14 when he swerved to avoid an automobile driven by an Iraqi civilian. The truck overturned and Nutt was killed. . . Heidi Nutt last spoke with her husband the day after Mother's Day. She says she remembers every word. "He wanted to wish me a happy anniversary and he couldn't wait to come home to see us," she said.

The above quote and photo are from an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from May 20, 2003, which is linked at the top of the post. Although some sites list Specialist Nutt's death as accidental, I am including him in Georgians KIA because of the following from Georgia State House Resolution 1245:
Honoring and remembering the life of United States Army Sergeant David Terrell Nutt, killed in action during the course of Operation Iraqi Freedom; and for other purposes. . . WHEREAS, Sergeant Nutt courageously gave his life when the supply truck he was driving was ambushed and came under enemy fire . . .

The resolution also mentions that Specialist Nutt was "posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant and awarded the Bronze Star." He is survived by his parents, Mrs. Alice Taylor Nutt and Mr. Winfred Nutt, his wife Heidi, and their three daughters, Emily, Sarah, and Hannah. The resolution states that Sergeant Nutt was a member of the 101st Airborne Division, but other sites have him assigned to the 494th Transportation Division, but he was definitely at Fort Campbell.

There is a great deal of confusion between sites as to David's age. It seems obvious to me from his photo and story that he was 32 when he died, but several sites have his age at 22. I think this stems from a typo that got repeated. Either way, he was too young to be taken from his family.

I lost my father when I was fifteen, but he died of cancer, so we had some warning. I can't imagine what it must be like for his daughters, who were apparently all under 6 when he died. My heart goes out to his family as they continue to live each day without him. We must end this war. Too many families have lost loved ones to an unjustified war.

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