Friday, August 25, 2006

A Terrifying Message from Al Gore

So, guess what movie I finally saw last night? My mother says it was a campaign movie, and there is quite a bit of Bush bashing and bitterness from Fmr. Vice President Gore. Still, I argue that the campaign is about the issue, not the man. The personal stuff about Gore is in the movie to help it keep our interest and to keep it from just being a recording of his slide show tour. For those of us who love living near the coast, we should wake up to the fact that the Georgia Barrier Islands and much of the rest of the coastal U.S. could all be under water in our lifetimes. The worst part is: the American government has the power to make the changes necessary to stop or slow global warming. We just need to make sure it's a priority. If you've missed "An Inconvenient Truth" in the theatres, I urge you to watch it the first chance you get on DVD.

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