Thursday, July 20, 2006

In Case You Missed It (like I did)

I was not able to get away from the office yesterday to show my support in person for Jim Nelson, but Patrick Armstrong was, and he took pictures! Check out his post covering Nelson's Glynn County campaign stop.
Reverend Nelson really is great. There is a link to his website on the right. I encourage you to check that out, too. It's time for a change in Washington!


j. Clifford said...

Aren't you concerned about the way that Jim Nelson promises to mix religion into politics, to get a government led by the Word of God? Sounds like yet another Jim Marshall, John Barrow, rightward-leaning Democrat to me.

liberalandproud said...

Jim Nelson is a minister and a man of faith, but he is most definitely not promising to mix religion and politics. He stands for real family values. Rev. Nelson is not about the government dictating religion. He believes that the government has a moral responsibility to stand up for its citizens, from a living wage for workers to affordable health care for everyone. These are the values that Jim Nelson will fight for. Democrats need to remember that religion can be a very good thing. Not all reverends are out to put creationism in science class!