Friday, July 14, 2006

Jim Nelson needs our help!

Not only does he have a pathetic excuse for a blog, his fundraising is sad. While Kingston has almost a million cash on hand, Nelson has a few thousand. The two may very well be related, but I wonder, since my blog was free and it looks much better than Rev. Nelson's. Even though he's unopposed in the primary, Rev. Nelson desperately needs your vote on Tuesday. If he can get more votes in the democratic primary than Kingston gets in the republican one, more statewide and nationwide party dollars should end up in his coffers. There are other great reasons to vote on Tuesday, mainly the straw poll. Sure, it has no official impact, but we should all make our opinions known on the issues raised. Please don't let the negative campaigning in the Governor and Lt. Governor races turn you off. Vote in the democratic primary. Let's prove that Glynn County is bluer than they think!

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