Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Open thread 'cause I'm pooped

I'm tired and overwhelmed right now, so I'm trying the whole open thread thing.

Here are my thougths for today:
Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson rocks! I've always known he would be effective, and now the rest of the city knows!

I'm probably voting for Greg Hecht in the runoff. AJC's Political Insider posted a letter in which he explains the mailers. It's still basically "He did it first," but I get it now.

Sorry I don't have links to the appropriate articles, but I've got too much else to do.

My stupid computer doesn't seem to want to update any of my TV shows to my ipod. Its updating video podcasts, but no other videos. I want my Lazy Sunday! Any suggestions?

Why won't my students listen the first time?

Okay, y'all, what's on yer minds?


Patrick Armstrong said...

What, specifically, about the Mayor did you notice today?

liberalandproud said...

It was the whole blight reduction campaign that you posted about on your blog. I was just too bleary-eyed to do more than a cursory comment.