Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's left of the Nelson tour

Reverend Jim Nelson is calling on you!
Day 3: July 21, 2006
9:30 a.m. Nelson Team Arrive Lakeland Lanier County Courthouse
10:45 a.m. Nelson Team Arrive Adel Union Park Road Veterans Memorial
11:45 a.m. Nelson Team Arrive Nashville Berrien County Courthouse
1:15 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Pearson Atkinson County Courthouse
2:45 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Alma Bacon County Courthouse
4:00 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Douglas Coffee County Courthouse
Day 4: July 22, 2006
11:00 a.m. Nelson Team Arrive Helena Helena Community Center
11:45 a.m. Nelson Team Arrive Alamo Wheeler County Courthouse
1:00 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Hazlehurst Jeff Davis County Courthouse
2:00 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Baxley Appling County Courthouse
3:15 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Jesup Wayne County Courthouse
5:15 p.m. Nelson Team Arrive Pembroke Bryan County Courthouse
It doesn't look like I'm going to make any of these, but I hope some of you can!


justin said...

would you be the same individual traveling around the district with jim nelson? were you in coffee county at the courthouse friday afternoon? if so, i'm the young guy in the blue shirt!

liberalandproud said...

No, I was not able to make any of the events, unfortunately. I'm guessing you saw Stephanie from the Nelson campaign.